A New Beginning

The New Year is a time for resolutions. We typically promise to start something that will result in an improvement to our appearance, our attitude, our health. We commit to start exercising, eat better, or be more patient. These declarations for self-improvements are great, but while I was catching up on my reading during the holiday, I learned of some new journeys being undertaken by some amazing women. These journeys were beyond self-improvement and were tied to passion and I want to share two stories with you. These women have inspired me with their courage to pursue something meaningful for themselves and in the process meaningful for others.

Jammie recently left a long career with a national consulting firm to start a vintage retail business with her sister. The company, Posh Peacock Vintage, specializes in vintage jewelry, furniture and other accessories. I checked out their Facebook page and their wares are darling! It takes a great deal of courage to make such a major transition. I was surprised to learn that Jammie’s adventures don’t stop here. Jammie also decided to buy a car for her sister and it’s not just any car – it’s a race car! Jammie’s investment makes her one of the few women who own a race car team.

I worked with Jammie many years ago and she was the quiet one on the team who managed to always find a way to get things done without drama and with class. I’m not surprised to see that she has stepped out of the corporate world to become a business owner and has also got into an area where few women have trailed. How cool is she?

Joanna was a successful managing director at an investment management firm. She managed a private equity fund – a realm dominated by men. Being a pioneer in the private equity world, no one was surprised when Joanna took matters into her own hands on another issue. In her search to help her son lose some weight Joanna discovered there really wasn’t a good program for kids, so she decided to do something about that and created Kurbo Health, an online program for kids and their families to help them learn to eat right and manage their weight. I’ve seen Joanna in action and she is passionate about what Kurbo can do to teach kids and their families to improve their lifestyles.

Joanna is a woman of principle. She was in the running for a grant from a local health care organization and during her “pitch”, one of the judges, an investor on the T.V. show Shark Tank, suggested that she put pictures of teenage celebrities on the site so the kids in the program could have “something to aspire to.” Joanna’s response was a resounding “no” and was met with applause from the pediatricians in attendance. Kudos to Joanna for standing by her principles and in turn developing a program that will help kids lead healthier lives.

The New Year is a time for commitments. Whether you want to launch a new career or find a better way to help others or help yourself, make a commitment that you will do something in 2015 that will result in change for the better. Best wishes for a healthy 2015!

Speak loudly, step boldly!December 30th, 2014 4:20pm Beth Bierbower posh peacock vintage kurbo health