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Welcome to B-Time, a weekly podcast designed for working individuals willing to take a little time out of their busy schedules to invest in themselves. B-Time is about broadening your professional horizons by learning from the experiences of other business leaders. As a former executive of a Fortune 100 company, I know continuous learning is important to help you stay current, and more importantly relevant at work. But it’s often difficult to find the time to invest in ourselves.  B-Time is designed to bring career and business insights to you through a series of weekly discussions with high-profile executives and other experts on topics that will help you professionally and save you time.

B-Time Covers a Broad Spectrum of Business-Related Topics

Join me as I have conversations with experienced individuals who share their knowledge across a variety of topics that every good business person should know. These individuals share their personal and professional journeys, triumphs and failures and provide sound advice for career and business development.  Whether you work in a large corporation, a small business or a startup, B-Time’s business insights can help you build the skills you need to stay on top of your game. 

Listen to B-time. It’s good for your career and good for you.