More than just being a book lover or a dedicated podcast listener, Beth devours both forms of media to satisfy her intellectual curiosity and at times, to escape the stresses of everyday life.  Scroll down to read Beth’s take on books she has read along with her favorite podcasts

Books In Beth’s Library

Beth’s reading interests are expansive with each genre fulfilling a different personal or professional need. Books about business and leadership help Beth to continuously improve as an executive. Historical books help Beth understand decision making within the context of a specific time in our nation’s history. Biographies provide insights into other’s leadership journeys. Memoirs always inspire Beth to push harder to achieve her own goals and encourage others to strive for success. Sometimes, Beth just wants to relax and breeze through a light-hearted book or be drawn into a piece of literary fiction. Beth shares her take on the books she’s read and why they have added value (or not) to her ongoing quest for personal and professional development.