A Nantucket Wedding


Nancy Thayer

Nancy Thayer is the Queen of beach reads and she doesn’t disappoint with A Nantucket Wedding.  Thayer takes us to the beautiful island of Nantucket where 55-year-old Alison is a widow planning her wedding to David, a wealthy widower.  Given that they were both previously married, they want their newly blended family consisting of adult children and young grandchildren to get to know and like each other.

Each child comes with his or her own martial problems and over the course of the summer, they return to the island again and again to try to find their way.  Marriages are falling apart; jobs are insecure and kids are squabbling.  Thayer addresses real family dynamics and issues but with the backdrop of wealth in Nantucket, we know that things won’t go too badly.  I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t quite sure how things would turn out.

If you aren’t hitting the beach in person this year, let A Nantucket Wedding take you there.