A Week In Winter


Maeve Binchy

A Week In Winter is about burying the past and making fresh starts.  Binchy brings to life over a dozen characters from different backgrounds as they come together in the tiny town of Stoneybridge located in West Ireland.  While the number of characters may appear overwhelming at first glance, Binchy is able to quickly paint a picture of each major character, his or her background and dilemma so the reader has no problem keeping each character straight.  Some characters are more developed than others and some resolutions to each character’s problems are more satisfying, but overall, Binchy helps us see a path forward to issues that many people face: a child in trouble, a heart broken by a lover or not following a life passion.  Each character faces his or her own issues and finds a path forward.

Binchy paints a vivid picture of the Irish landscape that draws the reader in, despite the chilling winds and the rough waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  You want to be inside the Stone House reading the novel and sitting around the large wooden table with the other guests each night eating dinner.  This book is perfect to read on a rainy day or on a cold, gray day in winter.  While it’s far from a masterpiece, A Week In Winter will leave the reader satisfied that we all can find our way in life.