Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin

I was recently reminded that Benjamin Franklin wrote an autobiography.  Given that the book was reasonably brief (181 pages), I was determined to give it a try and I enjoyed it immensely.  Listening to this on audio, I felt as if I were sitting at his knee listening to the man tell his life story. 

In the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the author provides the reader an account of important events in his life such as when he fled Boston, ending his apprenticeship to his brother and arriving in Philadelphia.  He talks about his struggles to create and grow a business and to stay afloat financially.  Franklin also talks about his foray into politics and love of books, science and more.

We know that Franklin had a great many discoveries and inventions which he freely shared with others, eschewing patents and the potential profits that would have coincided with these patents.  He was direct about some mistakes but glossed over others, such as his philandering.  Nonetheless, I found his life to be interesting and Franklin to be brave, tenacious and of course, intellectually curious.  This great man was both insightful and practical.  He shares words of wisdom that are still very relevant over 200 years later which is why I give the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 5 stars.