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Busy Bee: Queen Bee

Are you constantly on the go?  Do you feel like you are caught between your work and personal responsibilities and must sacrifice one or the other?  You are not alone.  As a former executive with a Fortune 100 company, I too have encountered the same challenges.  I have also talked with many other women – and men—struggling with the issue of trying to do too much and as a result, negatively impacting their careers and their family lives.  I wrote Busy Bee: Queen Bee based on my personal experiences in climbing the corporate ladder while at the same time being a wife, a mother and more.  I didn’t want to have to choose between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life but being a “Busy Bee” was getting in the way. 

I was determined to find a way to achieve both without sacrificing my sanity in the process.  My book Busy Bee: Queen Bee shares real-life stories of how I was able to find a path forward.  Busy Bee: Queen Bee is based on my own experiences as a single mother, a caregiver, a wife, a road warrior and an executive in a demanding industry.  I share tips and best practices in a simple, easy to understand way so you can begin to use them immediately, because I know you are busy.  I provide guidelines to help you decide how to make the appropriate trade-offs so you can invest your precious time and money on activities that really matter, like your family and YOU!

Busy Bee: Queen Bee can help you simplify your personal life and make choices that are right for you, so don’t have to decide between work or family.  With the help of Busy Bee: Queen Bee, you too can have a promising professional and personal life.  I hope you’ll join the others who have read the book and regained control of their lives.  Happy reading!

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in building a better quality of life at home and in their career.”

-Aaron T.

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