In the book Calypso, author David Sedaris takes us on a journey through middle age (if that is what we are now calling 55+).  Sedaris’ strong focus on family never disappoints and he tells stories of dealing with an aging parent, estrangement from a sibling, experiencing medical issues for the first time, and becoming addicted to a Fitbit.  Always honest, the author talks about his sister’s mental health issues and his mother’s alcoholism which he has shared before.

Sedaris has a gift in that he sees life as it is, but also uncovers these golden nuggets revealing pieces of life that most of us would not even think to explore.  Only Sedaris could dedicate space to what drivers from various countries say when they get mad at another driver, and make the reader laugh out loud.  If you are not familiar with his work, beware that sometimes his humor can be a bit vulgar but typically not too offensive.

Things are tough in today’s world where the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc.  If you want a respite from the craziness for a while, pick up a copy of Calypso.  I listened to the audio book read by the author and it was a guilty pleasure to listen to as I walked.  Worth every step tracked on my Fitbit!