Matthew McConaughey

I had heard from several people that the book Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey was an excellent book, yet I was hesitant to read it.  I have seen McConaughey in a few romantic comedies and his characters never won me over.  As result, I never watched any of his more serious movies including the Dallas Buyers Club for which he won an Oscar. 

I devoured this book in audio format in a single day.  I started listening while in the Salt Lake City Delta Sky Lounge early one morning and finished the book by the time I arrived in New York City.  McConaughey was the narrator, and this makes the book immensely entertaining.  His prose is both poignant and funny and captivated me from the beginning.

The point of Greenlights is to provide guiding principles by which McConaughey has lived his life.  Greenlights are those signals that tell you to take the opportunity and move full speed ahead.  Yellow and red lights slow us down and prohibit us from reaching our full potential.

McConaughey is open, honest and vulnerable in this book.  He shares stories of his past that others would repress or deny.  He was a bit of a wanderer, mostly seeking to find himself.  McConaughey readily admits that at times he lost his way and had to rediscover what was important to him.  McConaughey tells us to forgive ourselves.  We all make mistakes so move on and try to be a better person. 

I found Greenlights to be a refreshing reminder that we are all human and a little bit of curiosity and kindness go a long way.  And also that we should always try to up our game in becoming a better person.