In A Holidaze


Christina Lauren

Twenty something Maelyn Jones is stuck.  She is in a job that does not utilize her creative talents and lives with her parents.  Maelyn has been secretly in love with a guy she has known for her entire life as their families meet every year at a cabin in Park City, Utah to celebrate Christmas. 

This year, at the end of her holiday stay where everything went wrong, Maelyn throws out a request to the Universe to help her find what makes her happy.  Her request leads to serious repercussions (as serious as you can get with Chick Lit).  On her way home from her bungled holiday Maelyn awakens on an airplane and discovers that she is flying back to the cabin to start her holiday over – again!  She repeats this scenario again and again and believes the Universe is giving her multiple do-overs to get things right.

With Chick Lit we always hope that things will happily with boy and girl getting together, but I was not quite sure what would happen.  Will Maelyn find what truly makes her happy?  This is a quick, fun read and since I have planned a vacation to Park City this year (albeit in the Summer), I enjoyed the pace of the book and the idea that families can remain friends over decades despite trials and tribulations.