Last Summer at the Golden Hotel


Elyssa Friedland

If you enjoyed “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” series on Netflix, then you might enjoy Last Summer At The Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland.  This quick, light read tells the stories of three generations from two families that own one of the last standing hotels in the Catskills in an area known as the Borscht Belt.  The families must come together and decide whether to sell the hotel which will be raised to accommodate a casino or to hang on and try to make small improvements to lure back customers.

Each family member has something happening in their lives that finally become known in the novel.  The key question is should they hang on – to the hotel and their memories of spending summers in the beautiful Catskills or is it time to move on and start afresh.  No spoiler alerts here, you’ll have to discover the ending by reading the book yourself and I encourage you to do so.