Love At First


Kate Clayborn

Yes, more Chick Lit!  As I have mentioned before I like to escape from the real world at times so I include chick lit and other fiction in my library.  Reading a book that is not too dark, that I know will eventually have a happy ending helps me clear my mind. 

Love at First by Kate Clayborn takes place in Chicago.  The action mostly happens in an older apartment building much in need of an update rather than in upscale Lincoln Park or on the glitzy Miracle Mile.  The two main characters -- a male doctor and a female graphic artist – have each inherited separate apartments from their respective deceased relatives.  The doctor wants to sublet his apartment to short term renters and this idea upsets the dynamics of the building.  Attempts at harmless sabotage ensue.  Sparks fly and new friendships are formed.

Love at First is a good escape.  The main characters are likeable enough, but what drives their character flaws feels too superficial for me.  I wish the author would have deepened the characters’ experiences that influenced who they are today.  Because the backstory is light, I didn’t have as much empathy for the main characters as I would have liked.  The other residents of the small building are all elderly and Clayborn does a nice job with their characters so they feel real.

I do like that this romance, is not about the woman finding the rich husband.  Although the male character is a doctor, the book is more reflective of reality as the doctor is loaded with student debt.  I appreciate that people experience the loss of a relative differently, depending on their relationship with that individual or lack thereof and Clayborn captures this sentiment nicely.

If you want a quick beach read this Summer, even if you are staycationing, you might enjoy Love At First.  Heads up, the romance is open door (i.e., a little descriptive in the bedroom).