Map Of The Heart


Susan Wiggs

If you like to travel – from country to country or through time then Map Of The Heart by Susan Wiggs will delight you.  The author takes us between present day and WWII.  The novel also has us traveling between the Delmarva Peninsula and a small town in the south of France. 

Camille is a widow of five years who has cordoned herself and her daughter Julie off from any adventure.  In doing so, Camille has been unable to get past her grief.  Her daughter Julie is a teen who is in her awkward stage and as a result is the victim of bullying.  Camille’s unwillingness to allow Julie to try any sport that is remotely risky unintentionally pushes Julie further away from her peers.

Camille and Julie are pulled into solving a mystery by Camille’s father, a French native who has never returned to the small village he left in the 1960s.  The book alternates between present day and WWII where we soon learn what happened to Camille’s grandmother and grandfather.  Along the way, Camille also has to deal wither own emerging feelings for a history professor.

I enjoy reading novels that are set in WWII, especially those that contain stories of women’s contributions to the war and this story does just that.  In addition, any story that allows me to escape to France is a joy.