Mr. Dickens And His Carol


Samantha Silva

The book Mr. Dickens And His Carol by Samantha Silva is best read during the Christmas Holiday to get the reader into the spirit.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed this book – somewhat.  The premise is that Charles Dickens' latest book, Martin Chuzzlewit has not been a success.  Dickens is strapped for cash as the holiday approaches.  His family members are asking for loans, beggars and charity organizations are seeking help and his wife wants to host the annual Christmas party with more flare and cost than the prior year. 

Dickens’ literary agents commit to the publishing house that the author will create a feel good Christmas story in time for the Holiday.  The problem is that Dickens has a bit of writer’s block and feels put upon by all the requests for money.  With his family away in Scotland, Dickens begins to live the story line of A Christmas Carol, except that his jaded view places him squarely in the role and on the side of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The reader is kept guessing until the end about the true intent of one character which makes for a compelling read.  However, it was Dickens’ interaction with that character that slightly soured the story for me but not to the extent that I would not recommend the book.  Just make sure you are in the Christmas spirit to maximize enjoyment.