No Offense

By Meg Cabot

If you are looking for a predictable light-hearted romance that you can read in one day, then No Offense by Meg Cabot is it.  The story revolves around Molly Montgomery the new children’s librarian on Little Bridge Island near Key West, FL.  Molly is trying to forget about her ex-boyfriend Eric who recently became engaged.  To take her mind off her love life (or lack thereof), Molly likes to watch detective TV shows.

When Molly discovers a surprise package in her library, she meets the local Sheriff, John Hartwell, who is recently divorced and incredibly handsome.  Molly’s curiosity gets the best of her as events unfold on the island and more than once she and the Sheriff butt heads as Molly inserts herself into the case.

There is nothing unique or deep here, but Cabot’s writing style is engaging and the story moves swiftly.  Reading No Offense is not going to move you deeply or make a lasting impression, but it sure is good to take your mind off a rainy day or to just give yourself a very brief respite from reality.