Paris Is Always A Good Idea


Jenn McKinlay

Chelsea Martin loves her job fundraising for a non-profit cancer organization.  She works tirelessly to secure new donors and hob nobs with Boston’s elite.  She’s driven and content, or so she thinks.  Chelsea is shocked when her father tells her that he is marrying a woman he met a few weeks ago at a bachelor auction.  Chelsea has a hissy fit and is surprised when both her father and sister turn the tables and tell Chelsea that she’s changed.  She’s been slowly separating from the family due to her work commitments and frankly, she’s lost her ability to love.

Although hurt by her family’s comments, Chelsea’s take charge and execution-oriented demeanor kicks into high gear.  Chelsea decides the last time she was happy and in love was seven years prior, when she was traveling through Europe.  She decides to revisit that year and try to rekindle her lost romances.

Chelsea is given a sabbatical with a catch.  She must close one more donor with the help of her nemesis and co-worker, Jason Knightley whose approach to fundraising is unorthodox at best.  Chelsea’s European romance tour takes her from the UK to Paris to the vineyards of Italy.  Chasing both love and a large donor to her non-profit, Chelsea must find what true love means and with whom, she can build a life of happiness.

While this book follows the Jane Austen plot format, and the scenes where Chelsea is reuniting with her previous loves have a somewhat predictable twist, it’s a pleasant read.  Nonetheless, Chelsea is a woman who has suffered the loss of a loved one, and in the process, lost her ability to love.  It’s fun to watch her travel to romantic places to recover dormant feelings.  As the title says, Paris Is Always A Good Idea