Sweetshop Of Dreams


Jennie Colgan

Rosie Hopkins is an auxiliary nurse working in London.  As a temporary worker, she travels throughout the city to whichever hospital needs her services.  Her schedule is hectic and the job is hard but she loves her work.  On the personal front, she’s in a directionless long-term relationship with a man who does not seem to have yet matured.

Rosie is asked by her mother to go to Derbyshire for a few weeks and help sort out her great Aunt Lillian’s financial affairs and move her into a home for the elderly.  Given the temporary nature of her work, Rosie is the ideal family member to help.  Despite her reservations in leaving the big city and her boyfriend, Rosie decides to tackle the job and perhaps make a little money in the process.

As a character, Rosie has some similar traits to Bridget Jones, finding herself in award positions such as accidentally riding a bike through the neighbors freshly planted garden.  However, the character is not as silly as Bridget Jones.  For example, Rosie lends a hand to the local doctor from time to time and proves to be able to handle the most challenging of patients.

Rosie’s main concern is helping Aunt Lillian who owns the local sweetshop which has been shuttered for years.  Rosie decides to reopen the shop to attract a buyer and secure enough money to put Aunt Lillian in a nice home for seniors. 

The author intersperses Lillian’s backstory with the present day which makes the book interesting.  The reader wants to know what happened to Lillian as a young woman and who will Rosie end up with – the handsome doctor, devilish farmer or the difficult patient?

The Sweetshop Of Dreams transports the reader to the English countryside in all its glory and its damp weather.  The characters are well flushed out and realistic with challenges that anyone can relate to.  The only fairytale part is the Sweetshop as a backdrop, which is just a nice touch.  The Sweetshop Of Dreams is a blending of chick lit with a little bit of WWII so if you like both genres, this book will serve you well.