The Case For Keto


Gary Taubes

I know what you are thinking.  “Is Beth going to try that crazy Keto Diet?”  I previously read Why We Get Fat, by the same author, Gary Taubes and I picked his latest book up after listening to Taubes on the Farmacy Podcast.  I wanted to understand more about carbs, how they work inside our bodies and why they trigger my hunger. 

Taubes does a nice job of explaining carbs, their impact on insulin secretion and how they are burned and stored in an easy-to-understand manner.  Taubes is a journalist who has been pushing against the conventional wisdom that low fat, high carb diets work.  It’s not that they don’t work for some people, but Taube points out that if you look at the obesity epidemic, these recommended daily diets are not working for a lot pr people.  He takes obesity out of the “psychological” category and clearly demonstrates that it is a physical issue. 

Taubes spoke with many physicians and individuals who have taken the Keto path and some of their comments really resonated.  For example, obese people are not overeating based on appetite – many of them are still hungry after eating a lot – that is a physical response.  I know when I eat carbs – I can easily overeat, but foods with higher fat fill me up quickly and I stay satiated longer and am less apt to crave sweets.  Also, I often referred to my love of sweets as a sugar addiction and his book explains that it is a physical addictive response.  Thus, it’s easier for me to abstain than to have just one bite.

I have another book by Taubes on my shelf.  It’s called The Case Against Sugar and I can’t wait to read it – if for nothing more than reinforcement that sugar and carbs in general require much more of my attention and less of my eating.