The Flight Girls

By: Noelle Salazar

Women doing “men’s” work during WWII is the underlying premise of Noelle Salazar’s debut novel, The Flight Girls.  The story follows Audrey Coltrane, a well to do young female pilot from Dallas.  Taught how to fly airplanes by her father, Audrey’s goal in life is to own and manage a small airfield and hotel in Dallas, TX. 

After college, Audrey is determined to help with the war effort in a meaningful way and her decision leads her to meet other like-minded and skilled female pilots  These “sisters” develop the bonds of friendship by navigating their way through the Army while not officially being a member of the Armed Forces.  They experience love and as almost every other American at the time, they felt the loss of loved ones – friends, relatives, and beaus.

Salazar writes beautifully and the story flows well.  The only fault that I and others have noted is that the author did not strictly adhere to the principles of historical fiction and some terms and references did not synch with the time-period.  Regardless, the book is moving and takes the reader out of the present day while at the same time educating the reader on an important slice of history.