The Fran Lebowitz Reader


Fran Lebowitz

My husband and I have been watching the documentary created by Martin Scorcese called “Pretend It’s A City”.  The star of this show is the famous New York writer, Fran Lebowitz who is a very cranky New Yorker who doesn’t mince words on a variety of subjects from gentrification in New York City to the HIV/AIDS epidemic to current day politics.  I was first introduced to Fran Lebowitz’s writing through Vanity Fair magazine.

The Fran Lebowitz Reader combines two of her previously published books – Metropolitan Life and Social Studies.  While you likely won’t agree with everything that Lebowitz writes, you will find yourself laughing out loud – especially when Lebowitz talks about herself.  Her humor is very dry and you must pay close attention to “get it”.

The Fran Lebowitz Reader was compiled in 1994 so be prepared for some disconnects between current life and what you read in the book.  My suggestion is that you watch “Pretend It’s A City” and determine if you like and can keep up with her train of thought.