The Midnight Library


Matt Haig

The premise of The Midnight Library by Matt Haig is that parallel universes exist and the tiniest decisions can change your path in life.  Nora Seed is the novel’s protagonist and she is not happy with the choices she has made.  Nora is so terribly unhappy with her life that she tries to end it. 

When Nora tries to take her own life, she lands in a mysterious library where she gets the opportunity to chose another life path.  Once on the other path, Nora must decide whether to stay on the current path or to leave it.  If she decides to leave the new path, she is not permitted to return.  Nora chooses many different paths and each time there is something that isn’t quite right.  At times, the reader will wonder whether Nora will ever choose a new direction.

While the Midnight Library begins on an ominous note, it, quickly starts to lift the reader’s spirits.  The book reminds us that major decisions count – and that hanging on to regrets can be destructive.  I enjoyed this book and the reminder that life isn’t easy – even when you are on the right path, but if you give it your best shot, you should achieve some level of satisfaction.