The Road Trip


Beth O'Leary

I have been reading what seems to be an excessive amount of Chick Lit these days, but it’s Summer and Summer means BEACH READS!!  I picked up The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary because I read another book by her called The Flatshare and I really enjoyed that book.  However, this book was not very enjoyable.  The Road Trip has all the basic “Boy Meets Girl” elements but the characters are immature and shallow which is not surprising as the story takes place when they are in University (as they say in the UK), and then two years later.

Addie and Dylan meet during the summer at a French villa where Addie is working as a caretaker for the summer.  Dylan arrives without his family which has experienced yet more turbulence caused by his demanding father.  The two quickly fall in love after spending two weeks together and then Dylan, trying to find out who he is, continues to travel around Europe with his best friend.  Dylan promises to return to the UK and to Addie, which he does, but he still is adrift.

Finally the two have a serious falling out and part only to meet again on the way to a mutual friend’s wedding, thus the name of the book, The Road Trip.  We learn during this trip that the two are still in love and we slowly uncover what really happened to tear them apart.  We also learn that they are selfish and naïve characters that even after all is said and done, are probably sill too immature to be in a relationship.

Why am I doing a review of a book that was not that great?  Perhaps to remind myself that it’s time to read something a little deeper and more meaningful.  Next up on my list will be The Wright Brothers by David McCullough.  How’s that for a beach read?