The Rules of Love & Grammar


Mary Simses

The Rules of Love & Grammar by Mary Simses tells the story of Grace Hammond, a talented writer who has not tapped into her true gift.  Instead of writing articles or screenplays, Grace holds a job as a technical writer.  Her parents feel she can do much more, but she lacks the necessary confidence. Grace views her parent’s prodding as proof that she can never live up to their expectations and will always play second fiddle to her sister.

The story begins with a Grace heading back to Connecticut.  Within the same week, Grace loses her job, boyfriend and temporarily her apartment.  This chain of events forces her back home where she encounters a former high school crush turned movie producer.  Throughout the book, the author gives us subtle clues as to Grace’s state of mind.  She is still looking at life through her high school lens which is when her sister died in a car accident. .

After several missteps at home, Grace finally has a heart wrenching conversation with her parents and collectively they confront the death of her sister almost two decades earlier. At its core, the book focuses on how we all handle grief differently, see life through our own filters and can remain paralyzed, unwilling to move forward.  While this book is considered Chick Lit, it’s realistic enough to remind the reader that life is precious and messy at the same time.