The Summer House

By Jennifer Hale

I promised myself that over the December 2020 Holiday Season I would only read stories that were heartwarming and romantic.  I just wanted to get away from the grind and the reality of being in a world where COVID-19 has the upper hand.  I chose The Summer House by Jennifer Hale because of the light and breezy cover and it delivered on the promise to take me to the beach.  The book contains all the lovable characters you want to see including two best friends Callie and Olivia, a darling 8-year-old named Wyatt, Gladys the loving Grandmother and of course a handsome man who could possibly turn into a handsome boyfriend. 

While the story is classic boy meets girl, the book also includes some DIY work on a beach home so if you are a fan of renovations then you might find some added enjoyment with this element.  Chick Lit never leaves me feeling totally awestruck but this one did keep me in slight suspense over whether the couple would get together….and you will have to read The Summer House yourself to find out the ending.

The Summer House is a great beach read or a great book to read if you are only dreaming about getting to the beach again.  If you are in a cold weather climate, grab a blanket, some indulgent sweets, find a sunny spot in your home and then hunker down and read this book.  The Summer House might just be the respite you are looking for in the middle of a long winter.