The Whole Way Home

By: Sarah Creech

If you like Nashville and particularly the music scene, then The Whole Way Home by Sarah Creech might just be your cup of tea, or rather, your glass of whiskey.  Jo Lover and JD Gunn grew up in the same small town.  Jo plays the fiddle while JD plays the guitar, and both are singers.  With a friend, they make their way to Nashville immediately after high school.  The group is struggling to find fame and they ultimately go their separate ways.

The story begins in present day with Jo at the Grand Ole Opry, on the verge of success.  Meanwhile, JD has already made it big, but some think he has “sold out” to the Nashville music “machine”.  Fate brings the two back together again and things get complicated.  A snooping reporter is digging into their past and what he unveils upsets the current situation.  Will JD get the girl or not?  I know, it’s the basis for every piece of Chick Lit, but sometimes, we just need romance to happen.  This is a good, quick beach read – especially this summer when most of us will be vacationing in our own back yards.