Tunnel Vision


Keith Lowe

I continue to feed my soul with Books about London.  By the time I return to my favorite city, over two years will have passed.  I miss my annual trek to see theater, museums and to walk through Hyde Park.  I even miss grabbing a quick bite at the Pret-a-Manger!  I even miss my increasing mastery of the London Underground which is what attracted me to this novel.

The main character Andy, has less than 24 hours to ride the London Underground and stop at each of its 265 stations.  He must take a picture of each station name as proof of accomplishment.  If Andy fails, he won’t be able to catch the Eurostar train to Paris with his fiancé and of course, that means he will miss his own wedding.  The author packs a lot of action in a twenty-four-hour period.

I bought the book for the light romance I was expecting but surprisingly, the information that Andy imparts about the famous tube was interesting.  Beyond the tidbits of information about the Underground, the author captures the essence of what it means to travel on the world’s most iconic transport.  He describes what happens when a novice rides the train and how everyone knows not to make eye contact.  I began to feel claustrophobic as he described the platform overflowing due to a delayed train.  Anyone who has experienced this situation knows that it’s scary to be at the front of the line near the tracks when you have a crowd of people pushing behind you. 

The story is made more endearing when a homeless person comes along for the ride.  He imparts words of wisdom along the way which serve as a reminder to Andy and the reader as to what is most important in life.  This is a quirky novel that works.