Winter Solstice


Rosamunde Pilcher

Rosamunde Pilcher is a well-known author, but I had never read one of her books until now.  Winter Solstice did not disappoint. The story line involves five people, each of whom are recovering from significant personal events.  The story takes us from the English countryside to London and then on to Northern Scotland. These five individuals need each other to regain a sense of stability and to learn to trust and love again.

I find that, with fiction, you always have to suspend a sense of reality, just go with the flow and the decisions made by the characters.  Each character’s story adds rather than detracts from the plot and the ending is feel good but not a fairy tale.

I enjoyed the book immensely but might recommend reading it when the temperatures outside drop and the Christmas holiday approaches. Winter Solstice will get you in the holiday spirit.