December Newsletter: Welcome!

Hi! And welcome to the first edition of my newsletter which doesn’t have a name — yet. I’m in the process of transitioning from life as an executive to life as an independent, freelancing businesswoman. Striking out on my own is both scary and awesome. Scary because I am putting myself out there through a newsletter that doesn’t have a name (who does that?) 

Awesome because I have many thoughts and ideas to share with you as we move into 2020. Eventually, I’ll figure out a name and certainly welcome your thoughts in this department. 

Speaking of transitions, the close of another year is fast approaching. On December 31st, we’ll tuck 2019 into our memory banks and give our full attention to the possibilities of 2020. I’m not a person who likes to reminisce. Instead of saying “remember when”, I prefer to focus on the opportunities and experiences that are yet to come. I’m not dismissing all the wonderful memories I have, rather, I am looking forward to making new ones. I save the “look-backs” for times when I need to recall a lesson from the past, so I don’t make the same mistake moving forward.

My attitude of “WHAT’S NEXT?” is fueled by a belief that there is always something new to be explored, learned or achieved. No matter where you are in your life or your career, many surprising moments await you. However, we can only take advantage of these opportunities if our minds are open to the adventure. If we are overwhelmed by life, constantly doubt our own capabilities or decisions through negative self-talk or let fear hold us back, we will miss many chances to learn and grow. This newsletter, articles and other content that I will publish from time to time will focus on how to get rid of the barriers that get in the way of being who WE want to be. I am excited to be with you on this journey.

New content will be shared at least on a monthly basis and hopefully more frequently in the future. This newsletter will cover a variety of topics about life whether it’s work, family, school, wellbeing, challenges or anything else that might be in my thoughts – or yours. My hope is that this brief newsletter becomes a launching point for meaningful and fun conversations. What topics are you interested in discussing? Tell me what’s on your mind and don’t hold back – it’s amazing what happens when we are open and honest. I intend to keep it real. 

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are just around the corner and what a long season it is! Between December 22nd and February 8th, many religious holidays and other festivities take place. That’s a lot of celebrating, which also means more work, stress and (in my case) eating. I reached into my bag of experiences to find some tips to help you navigate this Holiday Season with success. Let’s get started!

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