Exercise for the Brain

I have been walking outside each day. For the most part, our neighbors are being diligent about social distancing, but I have had a few situations where someone has failed to observe the six-foot rule and, at certain times of the day, the street is fairly crowded which means I am constantly maneuvering to avoid close contact with others. I decided to change my walks to 5 AM and 7:30 PM to avoid the crowds. Walking during these “off-peak” hours means I don’t feel the pressure to ensure my hair is perfect or that my t-shirt is stain free. However, this morning, my lack of attention to my appearance and other things almost backfired. I didn’t sleep well last night so I will admit to having skipped brushing my hair, resulting in a touch of pillow hair. In addition, I forgot to bring my AirPods with me so I just cranked up the volume on my iPhone so I could continue listening to a hilarious David Sedaris book.

About 15 minutes into my walk, the neighborhood security officers drove by and flashed a floodlight on me. Apparently, one of the neighbors thought a homeless person who was talking to herself had somehow manage to get into the neighborhood. Of course, I didn’t have any ID with me. Why would I need that to walk around the block in a gated community? Luckily one of the two security officers recognized me (thanks to the oatmeal raisin cookies I baked for them a few weeks ago) and I was free to continue my walk. I’m going to keep my early morning routine but I will be more attentive to my appearance and will be sure to bring my Air Pods. More importantly, I’ll be sure to keep baking for the security guards!