February Newsletter: Keeping It Real

Welcome to the February edition of my newsletter. I received several ideas for the name, and the winner goes to…Francie for suggesting Keeping it Real! Francie was kind enough to share her rationale with me, and I wanted to pass her words of wisdom along to you. 

“Being true to oneself, knowing who you are and remembering where you came from; recognizing the shoulders on which you have stood. Truth, humility, hard work, decency and so many other virtues lie within us and need to be tapped in order to remind us that we can get the (maple) syrup from the tree. But it is not always easy and can be a slow process.”

Francie also shared that the name Keeping It Real covers a wide scope, which provides the flexibility to explore a variety of topics covering work and life. Thank you, Francie. You’re right. We each wear different hats and have many interests. This newsletter is designed to reflect that variety and deliver value in each issue. I’ll do my best in Keeping It Real.

Here’s what’s in store for you this month:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way From the Post Office

As you can see from the photo, I recently received a package from the United States Postal Service…

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Does Finding a Purpose Create Anxiety?

Almost everyone wants to feel like they have a purpose, both in and outside of work, but what if the pressure of finding our purpose is creating anxiety?
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A Question from a Reader About Funding

Here, I respond to one of our readers, Shannon, about the options new businesses have available to them in terms of funding.
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The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Review

Sneak preview…I loved it! This book is truly a great read for anyone interested in inspirational backstories and how they affect leadership.
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It’s Time We Check in on My Progress with My New Year Goals

With January already over, it’s time we check in on our resolutions and how we’re progressing.

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I hope you enjoy reading this month’s edition.  Let me know what’s on your mind, and if you have any other suggestions for our reader’s question, please do share! 

Always…Keeping It Real,