Food and Drink Tips

Eat something healthy before you head out to a party. Have a large salad, eat some fruit or plain grilled fish or chicken. If you can’t eat ahead of time, look for the veggie dish when you arrive and munch on these snacks for a while before you eat anything else. These tactics will help fill you up so you will be less likely to overeat when it’s time to dig into the good stuff. 

If the food is being served buffet style, go to the end of the buffet and walk backwards. It’s a little weird but this little trick gives you the opportunity to see what food is available and you are likely to make better choices. Feel free to eat what you want, just take small portions. I use the “2 bite rule”. Take the smallest cookie, slice of pie, piece of cake, etc. that can be finished in 2 small bites or less. With 2 bites or less, you won’t miss out on any of your favorite treats. 

Set a time restriction on when you will start eating. For example, if you plan to arrive at 4 PM, tell yourself you won’t start eating until 6 PM or that you won’t eat any desserts until 8 PM. Set a timer on your phone as a reminder. Don’t push the time back too far, otherwise you will be too hungry and will overeat.

Bring your own food. I do this all the time with my friends and family and no one cares, in fact, they are very supportive and usually go out of their way to ensure their menu includes healthy options.

Alcohol generally has a lot of calories. Determine ways to stretch those calories. Add Diet Sprite to a small glass of wine to make a spritzer and cut your calories in half. Bring your own light beer or lower calorie alcoholic beverage such as Skinny Girl wine or margaritas. Speaking of drinks, I make sure my hand always a drink in it – usually water or a diet soda. Holding a drink helps keep my one hand occupied and away from the cookies.