Food for the Soul

In my quest to remain active, I have been baking and cooking more than usual and as many of you know, I already cook and bake a lot. Of course, I decided to up my game and try my hand at some new recipes like cream puffs and fruit tarts. I’ve made comfort food like chicken a la king and homemade pizza with dough that I punched and kneaded with my latex covered hands. I’ve had to find substitutes for ingredients that were out of stock and had fun being creative. I was amazed that wine makes a wonderful substitute for just about anything. The only problem is that when I add wine, I am never sure whether the food is good or whether I am too tipsy to notice that it doesn’t taste good. I wasn’t alert enough to take a picture of many of the things I made over the last two weeks, but I did capture a few accomplishments which I am sharing with you. Watch out Martha Stewart, there’s a new kid in town!

Cream Puffs