Glenn Llopis Explains “The Immigrant’s Perspective”

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Glenn Llopis speak at an event sponsored by a number of Hispanic associations and groups, including Humana’s Network Resource Group ‘Unidos’. Glenn is an entrepreneur and founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership.

Glenn’s talk was engaging and energizing and he speaks about ‘the immigrant’s perspective’. While Glenn had many insights, three comments really resonated.

  1. An immigrant’s perspective is that the world is full of opportunity. No one can tell the immigrant that she can’t succeed. Where others see obstacles, the immigrant sees nothing but opportunity. Remember the story about two shoe salesmen (I’ll keep with the gender bias for purposes of the story) that travel to a foreign country? When they deplane, the salesmen see that none of the people are wearing shoes. The first salesman shakes his head and states: “they’re not wearing shoes” and gets back on the plane discouraged. The second salesman states: “they’re not wearing any shoes!” The immigrant perspective embraces the view of the second salesman. A leader also embraces the immigrant’s view.
  2. Who is controlling your narrative? Your boss? Your mother? Or you? The movie “Maid in Manhattan” starring Jennifer Lopez is full of examples of an individual allowing her mother to control her narrative. Lopez doesn’t apply for the manager position because she hears her mother’s voice telling her she’ll never be more than a maid. When Lopez loses her job, her mother tells her she has to get a job cleaning houses, but Lopez knows that track has no career potential. Her mother also tells Lopez that she was never good enough to date a wealthy man. Most of us have had someone tell us from time to time that we couldn’t achieve something, but if we tell ourselves we can, we’ll achieve more than we ever could have imagined.
  3. Take responsibility – enough said.

Please share your thoughts on the immigrant’s perspective.

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