Great Gift Ideas

Do you have at least one person on your gift list who is “hard to buy for”?  These individuals may be challenging to buy for because they are very selective in their own purchases or they don’t want to accumulate more stuff.  I have several people on my list that challenge my gift-giving thought process.  Here are some ideas that I have identified as viable solutions for that “hard to buy for” individual.

Professional Coaching – Have a career oriented professional on your list?  Consider paying for one or more professional coaching sessions.  Many great executives have coaches so the earlier a professional can take advantage of this service the better.  If you can’t afford a coaching session, then consider giving your aspiring professional an informative book on leadership

Know someone that will soon be a parent?  Offer to pay for a one-time session from a baby expert.  This individual will teach the new parents tips on swaddling, feeding, bathing and helping the baby fall asleep.  This makes a great gift for a baby shower.  Research options in the soon to be or new parent’s geography to make sure these services are available and make sure the person has good expertise and ratings, then let the parents determine who they want to use.  This service can make a positive difference quickly and keep the new parents sane!

I recently saw an advertisement for a winetasting box which I thought was a brilliant idea.  Sometimes, people don’t want to open a bottle of wine at home as they may not drink that often and feel like some of the wine would go to waste.  If you know someone who only drinks occasionally, a winetasting box might be the right gift.  While I can’t vouch for this company, here’s a link to one site.

For years, I have been sending family and friends gifts from Lynch Creek Farms, a family-owned business located in the state of Washington. Gift recipients have used words such as beautiful, lush and spectacular. After all those years of gift giving, I finally woke up and ordered some for myself and I was impressed by these wreaths. I like the idea of giving something to be enjoyed but not adding to clutter as this can be discarded (or composted) once the holidays are over.

Most people enjoy being pampered now and again but often feel guilty about spending money on themselves.  Spa services are typically an excellent choice – and you will be  supporting a local business as well.  Just be sure to check out the business ratings to ensure your recipient will have a pleasant experience.  For the person who might not enjoy going to a spa, consider buying a lush bath towel or sheet they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.  I gave one of the Ritz Carlton’s bath sheets as a gift and the recipient was over the moon.  This is an extravagance for sure, but you’ll be glad you made the purchase. 

Don’t shy away from giving a book lover a gift card.  I enjoy saving up and then ordering several books at one time.  In my last newsletter I shared my book buying Amazon Prime Day experience.  I also enjoy perusing a local bookstore so don’t forget to consider this option.  If you feel like a gift card is too generic, include a beautiful bookmark, a writing pen or some comfortable socks – all of which are paired (pun intended) with reading a book.

Interest in cooking and baking surged during the height of the pandemic.  Consider tapping into this trend by providing a gift of a cooking or baking class.  I can vouch for the classes offered by Bake with a Legend, the British company that has former contestants from the Great British Bake-off teaching the class.  Last year, I organized one of their online classes with some of my friends and we enjoyed chatting and learning at the same time.  When you are in the London neighborhood you can take a class in person.

Remember, the greatest gift of all is spending time with loved ones!