Happy Holidays!

The holidays are just around the corner and what a long season it is!  Between December 22nd and February 8th, many religious holidays and other festivities take place including Hanukkah, Christian Christmas, Kwanzaa, Russian Orthodox Christmas, La Posadas, Winter Solstice, Traditional New Year and Chinese New Year. That’s a lot of celebrating, which also means more work, stress and (in my case) eating. I reached into my bag of experiences to find some tips to help you navigate this Holiday Season with success. Let’s get started!

Each of us enjoys participating in family traditions such as baking, gift wrapping, playing games and more. It’s important to make room for these activities and not simply pile onto your already full schedule. Give yourself some slack and let the unimportant things slide, even if it’s for a short period of time. Consider taking a pass cleaning one week if you are not entertaining in your home. Save time and buy the pre-cut veggies or cheese tray for the party. After a few drinks no one will be able to tell the difference between Gouda and Goat cheese. Prepackaged party trays are a little more expensive, but your sanity is worth it. Speaking of cooking, why not skip a few nights and have dinner delivered to your home or just eat leftovers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. The important thing is to focus on being together, not laboring to feed everyone. Use the time you’ve saved to tackle all the other tasks you’ve added to your list.  Remember, for each activity you add, determine which activities you will Ditch, Delegate or Outsource. I share some additional examples here. 

We love our friends and family which is why we travel great distances, sleep on poorly inflated air mattresses and share one bathroom with six other people, just to spend time with them. Unfortunately, all this togetherness can lead to tension and tempers can flare. Toddlers argue over toys, teasing results in tears and words can often be misinterpreted resulting in hurt feelings that can last for years. Make sure to create some breathing room for you and your family. Learn more here. 

As a lifetime Weight Watchers member, this time of year presents tremendous challenges around food. Whether it’s too much food or alcohol, high calorie foods, or mindless eating, the Holidays can seriously derail our good habits. One cookie leads to another (or in my case a dozen). It’s not uncommon to tell ourselves that “taking a break” from our good habits is the only way to enjoy the season and we’ll get back on track after the New Year. Going off the rails from your normal routine, (regardless of whether you typically watch what you eat) can keep you off track for a long time. Try these tips to help you stay on track with food and drink and to keep your cookie intake under a dozen.