Inflation Hacks

Blog post: The cost of basic services like food, gas, office supplies and haircuts have risen in the last year and I am doing my part to find some savings. Here are a few steps to hacking inflation without a lot of work.

Can you hear me now?  I switched to a less well-known phone carrier (Mint Mobile). The coverage is very good and am saving a bunch of money!

I’ve cut the cord…now what?  I share streaming services (where permitted) with family, stopped streaming services that just didn’t have sufficient quality content, and use some ad-based streaming services that are free. Why not give these ad-based services a try?

My grocery store hacks.  I now diligently look for BOGO sales and clip digital coupons like crazy. I also just discovered that my favorite (and much less costly than Publix) grocery store Kroger, has now set up a delivery service in my area, even though they don’t have a physical presence in Florida. I switched and am now saving time and money.

Earning frequent flier miles on purchases.  I have not been flying as much as I used to – especially during the pandemic. When I shop online, I check to see if the retailer participates in one of the many frequent flier programs that give miles for each dollar you spend. These miles are in addition to what you would earn on your credit card. Sometimes there are specials and you can earn 5 – 8 miles for every dollar you spend on your purchase. Check to see if your carrier has a shopping program.

According to the Federal Reserve Board, we are going to be feeling the pinch of inflation for a while. I would love to hear from you how you are stretching your hard-earned dollars.