Keeping Up with New Year Resolutions

Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts on committing to New Year Resolutions. I know several of you (you know who you are 😊) have avoided resolutions in the past but were leaning toward making a commitment this year. If you haven’t followed through, consider doing so now. January 1 is an arbitrary date. Change and formation of good habits can start at any time!

As for my progress, I am pleased. I am lifting weights 3 times a week. When my friend and life coach Lisa read about my commitment in last month’s newsletter, she was a bit skeptical because I have tried over and over to lift weights but have failed to keep the momentum going.  I discovered that I prefer to use the weight machines at the gym rather than the freestanding weights and I am clearly in beginner mode, but the point is that I have BEGUN! 

As for my writing, I have blocked off time on my calendar and while I don’t always work within that time slot, I am writing 4 – 5 days per week. I don’t have any articles ready, but I am making progress. I would love to hear about your progress so please share with me at