My Very Own Podcast! Check it out!

It’s Almost Live!! My new Podcast is called B-Time.  It’s geared toward professionals that are short on time but want to stay on top of current and trending topics. Each show, I talk with an experienced executive or other expert from some of the best-known corporations. I also interview Founders of start-ups and Small Business owners that have rocketed to the top of their industry. I have been fortunate to secure several fabulous guests out of the gate including:

Celia Huber – Sr. Partner at McKinsey & Company – Topic – COVID-19

Jan Fields – Former President of McDonald’s USA – Topic – Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Frank Capek – Partner at Innosight – Topic – Customer Experience

I have many more exciting guests in the queue. You can find B-Time on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google and more. The podcast will also available on my website, The trailer is now available, and the first show will follow shortly thereafter. Please go to your favorite channel and subscribe. Also, ask your friends and colleagues to subscribe too!