New Year Resolutions

Tis’ the season to begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But I decided to Keep It Real and recap my 2020 resolutions with you before I get to my 2021 resolutions. Let’s recap:

2020 Goals

  1. Write at least 1 hour per day 5 days per week: I wrote about 2 hours per week – mostly in preparation for the B-Time Podcast, so counting that as something!
  2. Put myself out there by writing and publishing 3 articles: Limited success on this one as my articles have been created for the newsletter.  I will give myself credit for taking a risk on the podcast as well as the webinars I have created or in which I have participated.
  3. Begin strength training and building muscle mass: Well one out of three isn’t terrible.  I have been using weights three times a week, except for the few weeks where the fitness center was shut down, but I got right back to it!

Now on to the good stuff…2021 Goals!

  1. Visit with my son and daughter-in-law: This Christmas will be one year since I have seen these two.  I am hopeful that the vaccine distribution will be swift and broad, enabling me to see and hug my kids once again.  FaceTime and phone calls only go so far!
  2. Start my next book:  I have been documenting my transition into a new way of working and I want to share this experience with others.
  3. Continue to increase listenership on my podcast: I am so grateful that my B-Time podcast has gained rapid momentum – thanks to all of you!  I want to continue that growth by securing even more interesting guests. 
  4. Bike twice a week:  We FINALLY shipped our bikes to Florida and as a result I am regularly biking around the neighborhood.  I want to make sure I make riding my bike a habit, so I am including it on this list.

I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY Season and BEST WISHES for a NEW YEAR!