New Year Resolutions

1. Write at least one hour per day five days per week. I decided to retire from corporate life so I would have more time to do the one thing I really love and that is write! I know from experience that just because I am not traveling to a corporate job, doesn’t mean that I will automatically start to write each day. To meet my goal, I must set up a writing routine. I plan on developing my writing habit by blocking out time each morning on my calendar. I won’t schedule phone calls or other meetings during this time slot. I will work in my office, sitting at my desk so as not to be distracted by all the other possible activities that might capture my attention. I also plan to track my writing in my daily journal so I can look back and see if I was disciplined enough to achieve my goal.

2. Publish three articles. As I mentioned in my newsletter, taking on a new role is scary but if I am committed to writing then I want and need feedback on my work. The best way to get that feedback is by publishing my work. I won’t get more prescriptive for now, as the topics for the articles will develop over time and having a writing routine should get me to my goal.

3. Begin strength training and build muscle mass. My toughest challenge yet! I DREAD the thought of lifting weights or using other strength training techniques. Put me on an elliptical machine and I can go for hours. Put a weight in my hand and suddenly I have a much more pressing matter that requires my attention. I have weights at home and a small gym at my disposal. I have no excuse, yet, I STRUGGLE with strength training. I have decided to make this resolution because I recognize that strength is critical not only to my health, but perhaps more importantly, strength is critical to my independence as I age. If I am not strong, I won’t be able to get back up if I fall. I won’t be able to lift myself off a chair or get out of my car. As a part-time caregiver for my 90-year-old father-in-law, I can see how small the world gets if you aren’t strong enough to get up and go. Strength training is not for my immediate satisfaction, rather it is for my FUTURE SELF. I plan on going to the gym to take advantage of the equipment and resident expertise. I’ll commit to strength training activities three times per week and will have to schedule time for this exercise.

That’s it, a small list that is MEANINGFUL. If you read my book, you know that I am focused on “Return on Meaning”. I welcome any ideas as to what I can do to stay on track. How about you? Please share whether you are making New Year Resolutions and if you are, what have you chosen to tackle and why? If you are not making resolutions, why not? I’ll share your comments on the web site.

Best wishes for the New Year!