Group Based Discussions

Now more than ever, the concept of work is changing and sometimes, we need someone with deep experience to help guide us.  Would you like the opportunity to spend some time engaged in a quality conversation with Beth?  She now offers sessions to small groups and individuals.

Beth has served as a facilitator at many events where she sharpened her skills at engaging participants in a lively and meaningful dialogue.  Now you can engage Beth as a facilitator by video or telephone when your Book Club or other affinity group chooses to purchase and read Busy Bee: Queen Bee.  Beth will provide the backstory on the book’s development and speak to key messages from the book.  

You may also choose a different topic for your group discussion such as work/life balance, resilience, career development or something else that will resonate with your group.  Regardless of the selected topic, all participants will have the opportunity to join the conversation and share their thoughts and perspectives ensuring a meaningful and memorable experience.

Individual 1 x 1 Sessions

Individual sessions provide you the opportunity to discuss your own professional development.  Whether you want some assistance with career planning, job change, or dealing with a specific issue at work, Beth will provide you the benefit of her deep expertise so you can stay on top of your game and do your best work.  During these video or telephonic sessions, you will identify the goal and work together to create an action plan to set you on the right path.

If you want time with Beth in either a group or individual virtual setting, please complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.