Grammar Girl

Do you struggle with the difference between further and farther?  Semi-colon or comma?  Could care less or Couldn’t care less?  The English language has a lot of idiosyncrasies and it’s hard to remember all the rules.  Good grammar is an essential part of effective communication, which is why I listen to this podcast.   

I never thought a grammar podcast could be fun but this one is enjoyable.  Starting with the host’s name, Mignon (yes, like the steak) Fogarty, this podcast carries a light tone for such a weighty subject matter, and it works.  Fogarty delves into word origins and transformations over the centuries and traces these variations back to specific geographies and events.  My own hometown of Pittsburgh is often referenced for nuanced speech, and it is usually tied to an unusual use of a word or turn of a phrase, which does not surprise me at all.  Fogarty also encourages listeners to share a a word or phrase unique to their family.  “Grammar Girl” is a weekly podcast typically 10 – 15 minutes in length, which is time well spent to help you up your grammar game.