Happier with Gretchen Rubin

“Happier” is a podcast co-hosted by Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project, Better Than Before and The Four Tendencies and more.  Gretchen is a lawyer who clerked for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  A self-professed “Happiness Bully”, Gretchen shares thoughts and tips on how to make life easier, deal with conflict and how to create better habits.  Gretchen’s sister, Elizabeth Craft, is a television writer and producer as well as the show’s other co-host.  Elizabeth is the antithesis of Gretchen failing to and the person most of us can relate to as she forgets to get her son’s school physical, feeds her kid chicken nuggets and never shows up for a s PTA meeting.  On the other hand, Gretchen is the overachiever who tackles too many projects and strives for perfection.   

The podcast is a combination of interviews with well-known authors and other podcasters and problem solving based on listener questions. At the end of each show, the co-hosts take turns giving themselves a gold star for good behavior or a demerit when they have not met their own expectations.  I find myself cheering for Elizabeth when she occasionally gives herself a gold star.  

In addition to Elizabeth’s down-to-earth nature, what I appreciate most about this podcast is Gretchen’s keen insights into human behavior.  I have shared with many of you how Gretchen’s book, The Four Tendencies really helped me better understand myself as it relates to meeting expectations.  Gretchen invokes this framework over and over when discussing challenges and her thoughts and comments resonate not only in identifying the human behavior but also in sharing how to deal with that behavior.  I have used her work in personal and professional relationships and it never fails.   

If you want to better understand your behaviors and those of others, or if you want to feel that you are not alone in failing to meet your own or other’s expectations, this 40-minute podcast is worth the time.  Episodes are released weekly.