Knowledge At Wharton

Don’t let the educational institution intimidate you.  “Knowledge@Wharton” is an accessible podcast that covers a wide range of topics including healthcare, economics, retail, human behavior and business.  The “Knowledge@Wharton” podcast is an interview format with Dan Loney serving as the primary host although other hosts also rotate through the program periodically.  One ore more guests, mostly academics from across the country appear on each episode and they bring enough variance in opinions to keep the dialogue interesting.  My favorite guest is Barbara Kahn, a Professor of Marketing at Wharton who is extremely knowledgeable about the retail sector.   

Episodes address current topics most of which are aligned with my interests; however, since several episodes are released each week, I don’t hesitate to delete those episodes that I don’t find appealing.  Episodes generally last 25 minutes, a relatively minor investment to stay on top of current events.