Masters of Scale

“Masters of Scale” is a podcast geared toward entrepreneurs.  Reid Hoffman is the co-host and is an icon in Silicon Valley.  Reid worked at PayPal and was the co-founder and CEO of LinkedIn.  He is now an investor with Greylock Partners and has written several books.  The podcast covers all aspects of a startup including raising capital, how to gain scale, understanding which customers you should build for and creating a good corporate culture.  Top entrepreneurs are guests on the show which has included appearances from Mark Zuckerberg, Bryan Chesky, Reed Hastings and many other successful businessmen and women.  He committed to a 50/50 split of male/female guests and is succeeding.  

You may think that because “Masters of Scale” is focused on entrepreneurs it might not be of value to you, but I would suggest that you reconsider this view.  The lessons that Reid extracts from his guests contain invaluable insights for any leader.  When people ask me who I would most like to meet, Reid is on top of the list.  Each episode averages 45 minutes in length and new episodes are generally released weekly.