Business Wars

“Business Wars” provides a history lesson on major competitors in specific industries.  A wide range of topics are covered which creates broad appeal for the podcast’s audience.  Previous competitive sagas include Macy’s versus Gimbles, Hershey versus Mars, The Raisin Cartels, Facebook versus Snapchat, The Cereal Wars, Gibson versus Fender and many more.  I introduced my son to this podcast, and he enjoys it as much as I do.   

The podcast has two unique features.  The stories unfold over five or six episodes which is a commitment but frankly, the content has been so good that I anxiously await the next episode.  In addition, the podcast is part storytelling and part acting by the host David Brown which is effective and engaging.  Conversations are created by the podcast writers to reflect how things might have gone down behind closed doors.  Although these conversations are not fact, they add a nice flare of drama to the story without being over the top.   

If you are curious about the “backstory” of a company or an industry, I encourage you to check out “Business Wars”.  It’s fun, engaging and you’ll learn something about our nation’s history of commerce.  Episodes are released weekly and are approximately 30 minutes in length.