The Bake Down Podcast

If you love the Great British Baking Show, then you will enjoy this podcast.  Each week, Josh Landy, owner of Bake with a Legend, along with two former contestants, Jan Beedle and Howard Middleton review the most recent episode of the Great British Baking Show.  Having the experience of participating in the Great British Baking Show, Jan and Howard provide their thoughts and expertise on what transpired in each episode.  They opine on what might have gone wrong with some of the bakes, share the factors that may have influenced the judge’s decisions and why the selected baker was sent home. 

In addition, Jan and Howard offer a behind the scenes look at how the show operates.  Did you ever wonder why the tent is at times, extremely hot or cold on the show?  How do the contestants get all their ingredients?  What happens when one of the contestants gets upset?  

Finally, there is always delicious talk about Paul Hollywood and his infamous handshake (and his blue eyes) and his co-host Prue Leith (exactly how many pairs of eyeglasses does she own?).  Jan and Howard don’t mince words when they disagree with the judges!

Both Howard and Jan have a tremendous amount of baking experience and often punctuate their knowledge with a bit of humor.  Bake with a Legend combines passion (for baking), with some sound baking tips and tongue and cheek commentary, all of which is in good fun.