What It Means

“What It Means” is one of two podcasts from Forrester that is on my list.  Focused on the “Age of the Customer”, this podcast stresses the changes that are being driven by customers and the implications for business.  You’ll hear mostly from Forrester analysts but guests from client companies like Google, Bank of America and others also appear on the podcast.  These guests share how they are altering their own thinking and in some cases their business models to ensure the viability of their companies over the long term.   

The “What It Means” podcast addresses change beyond the purview of the Chief Marketing or Digital Officers and speaks to the role that others in an organization such as the CIO and CMO have in driving a consumer focus.  This podcast is good for any leader who needs to have a better understanding of consumer centricity without being overwhelmed.  Episodes are released weekly and are typically 30 minutes in length.