Self-Care is Real

I had an ‘aha’ moment recently. I realized I wasn’t taking good enough care of myself. I was exercising regularly but not adhering to my healthy eating routine. I wasn’t getting manicures and found myself pushing out my hair cuts. My wardrobe consisted of stretch pants, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

While these changes began during the time we were all “sheltering in place”, I didn’t realize that my habits changed and I needed to create new ones. I hit refresh, headed to the salon and prescheduled future appointments. I reinstated my healthy eating habits and I purchased a few new outfits that I wear regularly to help keep me in “work dress”. More importantly, I make sure I am spending enough time with loved ones and that I am blocking off quiet time for myself.

While I have a little more work to do, I feel better and can fit back into most of the smaller sizes in my closet. More importantly, I am making sure I spend time on me. In the book, Younger Next Year, co-author Chris Crowley says, “Make exercise your job.” This statement really hit me and I am now putting my health and well-being front and center and making it my job.