Snow Day

To say that this winter has been tough is an understatement. Subzero temperatures, flight cancellations and school closings have become the norm. We’ve had to juggle covering child care and reschedule meetings. We tried to keep up with our conference calls and email with children carrying on in the background. Our list of weekly chores has expanded to include snow shoveling and our home entry ways are cluttered with boots, scarves and mittens. Never has it been more apparent that we live at the whim of Mother Nature. On some days, I found myself checking The Weather Channel app more than my email.

Dealing with the fallout of bad weather can create angst and frustration. The work doesn’t go away, deadlines aren’t postponed and the expectations are that we’re checking our emails and texts every few minutes, never mind the toddler hanging on to your leg begging for attention.

During one of the most recent weather crises, I decided to shut down for the day and the feeling was great. I also decided to spend the day focused on me and only me. I refrained from housework, taking care of personal matters for me and my family and even avoided phone calls and texts from friends. I really hope my boss is not reading this particular blog!

I enjoyed every single moment of that day. I exercised for an extra half hour, took a long bubble bath and read part of a fiction novel. I played solitaire, watched a ‘chick flick’ in my pajamas and took the time to make a healthy meal. I went to bed early and awoke refreshed and rejuvenated the next day ready to tackle anything that came my way. I was more productive because I took some time to work on my personal well-being.

While we rarely have the opportunity to take a full day off – even when we’re on vacation. My brief respite reminded me that we have to make time for ourselves and although we are well past the time for making New Year resolutions, I have committed to taking some time every day just for me. Whether it’s reading before bedtime, sitting quietly with a cup of tea or watching a mindless television show, I’m committed to letting go of the day’s stresses and restoring a bit of myself.

Please share your secrets to self-restoration.

Speak loudly, step boldly!

Image Credit: Daniel MihailescuMarch 6th, 2014 7:02am Beth Bierbower relaxation snowday